École Burton Ettinger Elementary

School Library

Our Library is open for borrowing books on Wedesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Every class has a scheduled day that they visit the library to borrow and return books.  If you wish to know which day your child attends library please refer to the below table.

Library Schedule
Wednesday Thursday Friday
St. Louis
½ K. Wilson
2 Read ⅚ MacKinstry Pr. Daniels
¾ Delibertore 3 Meunier 1 Karris-Allen
3 Geldart
St. Louis
2 D. Wilson Pr Waller
⅔ Dodds 1 Moran Pr. Martell
4 Urich 4/5 Spires 6 Gavin
5/6 Poirier ⅔ O’Neil 4/5 Thomas