École Burton Ettinger Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Foster, Tracy Principal (902) 457-8922 tfoster@hrce.ca
Kenny, Stephanie Vice Principal (902) 457-8922 skenny@hrce.ca
Bodnarchuk, Valerie Secretary (902) 457-8922 bodnarchukV@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ashley, Colbourne Pre-Primary Lead Teacher Classroom #1 Ashley.Colbourne@hrce.ca
Bowers, Caitlin Music Caitlin.Bowers@hrce.ca Website
Burton, Jen French Immersion Resource jburton@hrce.ca
Canning, Becky Grade 5 French Immersion RCanning@hrce.ca Website
Daniels, Alicia Grade Primary French Immersion Alicia.Daniels@hrce.ca
DePalma, Jessica Grade 1 French Immersion JDePalma@hrce.ca Website
Dodds, Lesley Grade 3 English LDodds@hrce.ca
Furlong, Colin Core French Teacher Colin.Furlong@hrce.ca
Graves, Hailey French Immersion Grade 1 hGraves@hrce.ca
Hache, Robert French Immersion Grade 3 rhache@hrce.ca
Hann-Porter, Patti Pre-Primary Teacher PHannPorter@hrce.ca
Heffernan, Sarah English Resource sheffernan@hrce.ca
Huskins, Trevor Grade 6 Band Teacher thuskins@hrce.ca
Joyce, Brian Strings BJoyce@hrce.ca
Karis-Allen, Danyelle Grade 1 French Immersion dkaris-allen@hrce.ca Website
Kelly, Kaitlyn French Immersion Grade 2/3 Kaitlyn.Kelly@hrce.ca
Kempton, Allison Pre-Primary ECE Allison.Kempton@hrce.ca
Kenney, Spencer EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher P-2 skenney@hrce.ca
Kerans, Lynn French Early Literacy (APL) ekerans@hrce.ca
Kim, Jade Grade 1/2 English Teacher Eun.OkKim@hrce.ca
Lajo, Armanda French Immersion Grade One armanda.lajo@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Blain English Grade 6 blain.macdonald@hrce.ca
MacKinnon, Susannah Learning Centre susannah.mackinnon@hrce.ca
Martell, Amy Grade Primary English AMartell@hrce.ca
McCarthy, Melissa Learning Center Teacher melissa.mccarthy@hrce.ca
McDougall, John Physical Education JMcDougall@hrce.ca
McLean, Yolanda Learning Centre ymclean@hrce.ca
Meunier, Lisa Grade 2 French Immersion Lisa.Meunier@hrce.ca
Nickel, Alison Librarian anickel@hrce.ca Website
O'Neill, Renee Grade 4/5 French Immersion roneill@hrce.ca
Oakie, Lisa Math Support Teacher LOakie@hrce.ca
Poirier, Renee Grade 5/6 French Immersion Teacher rpoirier@hrce.ca
Read, Terri Grade 2/3 English terri.read@hrce.ca
Roy, Janet Physical Education jroy@hrce.ca Website
Shellnutt, Krysta Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support kshellnutt@hrce.ca
Slauenwhite, Kuranda Grade 5/6 English Teacher kuranda.slauenwhite@hrce.ca
Spires, Petra Grade 4 French Immersion SpiresP@hrce.ca
Swaine, Kara Grade Primary French Immersion kswaine@hrce.ca
Thomas, Iain Grade 5 English IThomas@hrce.ca
Tufaro, Allison Grade 4 English atufaro@hrce.ca
Waller, Reanne Gr. Primary French Immersion Reanne.Waller@hrce.ca
Wilson Gray, Danielle Grade 2 French Immersion Teacher DWilson2@hrce.ca
Zawadzki, Pam Math Support Teacher PZawidzski@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Pero, Bonnie Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-399-8314 bpero@hrce.ca
Blades, Christie Pre Primary - Lead christie_blades@hotmail.com
Brown, Karen Head Lunch Monitor
Caines, Melissa Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-483-5960 mcaines@hrce.ca
Campbell, Joan EPA
Christie, Kelly SLP Website
Colbourne, Ashley Pre Primary - Lead Ashley.Colbourne@hrce.ca
Derocher, Rachel School Social Worker 902-237-7977 rderocher@hrce.ca
Hale, Jon Educational Program Assistant
Johnston, Lauren School Psycologist Laurenjohnston@hrce.ca
Kapor, Darinka YMCA Immigrant Support Worker darinka.kapor@halifax.ymca.ca
Laurie, Andrea Guidance (Wed) Alaurie@hrce.ca
Lawrence, Wendy Aboriginal Support Worker Wendy.Lawrence@hrce.ca
Leeco, Jacalyn Educational Program Assistant
Logan, Danny Custodian danny.logan@hrce.ca
MacGregor, Mollie Guidance mmacgregor@hrce.ca
MacLeod, Kelly EPA kelly.macleod@hrce.ca
Metlej, Vanessa EPA vmetlej@hrce.ca
Restrepo, Maria EPA
Ritchie, Victoria Educational Program Assistant
Ruiz, Nathalie Head of Excel and Lunch Monitor
Sandever, James Custodian jsandever@hrce.ca
Scriven, Shawna EPA
Simms, Jennifer Educational Program Assistant
Sweet, Trixie Educational Program Assistant
Trifos, Crystalla Educational Program Assistant